About Us

3 Stooges Valley aims to provide an authentic and holistic farm stay while staying accessible and convenient for all of its visitors.  The vision : to provide an authentic farmstay in Pahang, that stays true to nature.

Some Cool Facts

Numbers Speak At The Most Authentic Farmstay In Pahang

Acre of land
Km to Genting highlands
Fruit trees to enjoy

More interesting facts of 3 Stooges Valley @ Karak, Pahang.

We Love Nature

  • Explore more than 6 acre of privately owned land at your leisure.
  • Discover natural formations and natural flora and fauna at your door step.
  • Home to plenty of farm animals like : dogs, chickens, cats and many more.
  • Over 160 separate fruit and vegetables plants to enjoy.

At the heart of Karak, Pahang.

  • <1 hour away from Kuala Lumpur , Selangor
  • < 30 minutes from Bentong town, Pahang
  • < 20 minutes from Karak Waterfalls, Pahang
  • < 10 minutes from Karak town center

At 3 Stooges Valley we don't compromise on creating an authentic and convenient farmstay experience for you.

Surrounded by nature

One Touch Of Nature Makes The Whole World Kin. The most authentic farmstay in Karak, Pahang.

The farmstay started in March 2018

Firstly, established in 2018, three good friends (Alan, Onn and Sun) stumbled upon a vast and promising land hidden in the majestic hills of Karak, Pahang.

Subsequently, together the three co-founders bought the land and founded 3 Stooges valley. Above all, 3 Stooges signifying the 3 amazing friendship they share.

In conclusion, the purpose: Develop and share the most authentic farmstay in Karak, Pahang for others to enjoy.

Authentic dining in the woods by our local chefs


barbeque at homestay
farm animals in our farmstay
papaya at farmstay pahang
entrance to authentic farmstay karak
ambarella in authentic farmstay pahang
adopted dogs in authentic farmstay pahang
orgnanic bananas in authentic homestaypahang
cooling mist in authentic holiday pahang
unique designs for living area in our authentic farmstay pahang
cooking in authentic homestay pahang
group photo of authentic farmstay pahang
jackfruit in authentic homestay karak
balcony in authentic homestay pahang
forest kitchen in authentic farmstay pahang
jungle trekkking in authentic holiday home pahang
malaysian spirit authentic farmstay pahang

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